ARK XO 750 Offroad Jockey Wheel



ARK’s new Extreme Offroad Series (XO) Jockey Wheel is probably the toughest, most advanced Jockey Wheel in Australia today. But not only is it tough, it’s also versatile – with multiple height options, a highly maneoverable trailing yoke design and 5 different yoke locking positions.

Key features

Magnetic, removable, side-winding handle
  • Easier raising & lowering of trailers/caravans – away from stone guards, toolboxes or jerry can holders
  • Magnetic, removable handle ensures safe stowage and prevents damage in offroad situations
Heavy duty body with 750kg rating
  • Increases load carrying capacity and eliminates the likelihood of “bend” under weight
4 x adjustable height positions
  • 250mm height adjustability at each of the 4 positions, whilst maintaining a central swivel point for extra strength
Heavy duty swivel clamp
  • 4 bolt pivot point ensures no more bowing under weight
  • Suitable for 75mm, 100mm, 130mm and 150mm drawbars
  • Comes with mounting hardware – no more welding onto drawbars
Easy-pivot trailing yoke design
  • Wheel pivots easily, even under heavy load or on soft ground
Dual wheel with sealed bearings & offroad tread
  • Increases offroad grip and spreads the load
Variable yoke lock
  • Allows you to lock the yoke in 1 of 5 positions when the jockey wheel is stowed, to allow for clearance of stone guards, toolboxes, jerry can holders etc…
Rust resistant finish
  • Salt spray tested for 600 hours


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